Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Where is The Barracks Leasing Office?

    Our Sales and Leasing Office is located in The Barracks at 514 Deacon Drive West, College Station, 77845. When you are rolling in with your homies from the South Holleman entrance, our office will be immediately on your left.
    CLICK HERE for the link on Google Maps.

  • 2. Does my rent include utilities?

    Not to go all philosophical on yo' ass but the answer is... kind of...

    Rent DOES include:
    1. Expanded Cable with ShowTime (saaa-weeeet)
    2. High-speed internet
    3. Interior and exterior maintenance
    4. Full Service lawn care

    Here's what you and your roommates will be responsible for on your own:
    1. Electricity
    2. Water
    3. Trash services

  • 3. When is rent due and when do late fees apply?

    Rent is due on the 1st of each month, with a grace period of 2 days. So let's say you decide to pay on the 4th of the month, a late fee of $50 will be charged to your account. After that, it's an additional $10 fee for each day that the balance remains on your account until the outstanding balance (including fees) is paid in full.

  • 4. How can I pay my rent?

    Rent can be paid:

    -ONLINE via electronic check, credit card, or debit card: Your tenant portal will allow you to make rent payments with an e-check (ACH) for free, or with a credit/debit card for an additional convenience fee (usually around $17). It's a great idea for everyone (including yourself) to go ahead and set up auto-payments to avoid any late fees. (Life hack: Pay this way!)

    -In person: You are more than welcome to drop off a check or money order made out to "The Barracks" or "The Barracks Management" at the front desk in our leasing office. For drop offs after normal hours, feel free to use the drop box located at the front door. We do NOT accept cash because we are not a flea market.

    -By mail: If you happen to be over the age of 80, you may send your rent payment via snail mail addressed to P.O. Box 12177, College Station, TX, 77842. We highly recommend that you don't pay this way. If we do not receive your check by the 3rd of the month, regardless of when it's post-marked/dated, late fees will still be applied to your account based on when it was delivered. Don't pay this way.

  • 5. How much is my security deposit?

    Security Deposits have been waived! You no longer have to fork out a whole month’s rent the day you sign your lease.

    Instead we have created a Move-Out Fee of $399. This is a standard fee charged to each resident a few month’s prior to move out of their townhome. It is applied to cover wear and tear and any additional cleaning needed to make the townhome move-in ready for the next tenants.

  • 6. Does The Barracks allow pets?

    We love animals! Here's a video of a bulldog puppy rolling down a hill to prove it. You're welcome in advance.

    Since animals can sometimes be, well, animals, we require you to sign a pet agreement and pay a $250 pet fee prior to move-in, or when you bring your new best friend home.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chows or Dobermans due to their breed's aggressive nature or animals under the age of one for their typically messy nature.

  • 7. Can we sign a 6-month lease?

    Want to leave us so soon? Traditionally, we exculsively offer 12-month leases that run from August 1st through July 22nd of the following year. However, there are some rare circumstances where 6-month leases come available. Feel free to contact our leasing office to see what might currently be available.

  • 8. How do we get our mail?

    The lovely United States Postal Service owns and maintains the cluster of mailboxes located here at The Barracks. In order to get your mailbox key, take a copy of your lease to the College Station Post Office (located at 2130 Harvey Mitchell Parkway, 77840) and a set of keys will be issued to you. Much like everywhere else in life, FedEx and UPS packages will be shipped straight to your front door.

  • 9. How do I set-up my utilities?

    Welcome to adulting! Here are some instructions on how to get your utilities set up correctly.

    -ELECTRICITY- Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU)

    • 1. Log on to
      2. Hover over "Start or Stop Service" on the banner (1st box on your left)
      3. Select "New Residential Service" in the dropdown menu
      4. Choose "Click here to register online" underneath the first bullet point that reads "Online Electronic Agreement"
      5. Complete all the fields as prompted. A confirmation email will be sent over to you in a couple of business days.

    -WATER – Wellborn Water

    • 1. Obtain a Wellborn Water Agreement from our Leasing Office or Wellborn Water’s Office
      2. Complete only the sections required for tenants
      3. Scan your Water Agreement and email it to and with an email that requests your confirmation number be sent over to you once they have completed processing your new agreement.
      5. Complete all the fields as prompted. A confirmation email will be sent over to you in a couple of business days.

    -Trash & Sewer – College Station Utilities

    • 1. Log on to
      2. Follow instructions for "For New Users"
      3. Complete all of the fields as prompted. In the comments box, state “I am setting up trash and sewer for [your address]. Please send me confirmation that only trash and sewer have been set up for [your address].”
      4. Wait for confirmation email to be sent within a couple business days. Contact their office if you have not heard back in a timely manner.